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Les McPhearson
Chief Executive Officer

Les McPhearson is the CEO of United Benefit Advisors. A 15-year veteran in the insurance industry, Mr. McPhearson leads the 140-firm partnership-driven organization that serves 36,000 employers and 5 million members. His extensive background in health insurance includes executive leadership positions that span product innovation, marketing strategy and business development, including leadership positions with carriers like Trustmark, BCBSFL and Humana. Les has been a sought-after speaker at leading industry events such as the World Congress Annual Leadership Summit on Consumerism through Health Plan Innovation.

A former Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, Les received his undergraduate degree at Samford University and an MBA from the University of Louisville. He is based in UBA’s Chicago, IL office.

Rob Calise, UBA Board Chairman

Principal, Cornerstone Group, a UBA Partner Firm

Rob Calise, founding partner of the Cornerstone Group, is an expert in employee benefits, financial and retirement planning, heath care compliance, and private health exchanges. As Board Chairman, Rob manages the 140-firm partnership that owns and operates UBA, a centralized source for HR products, services, and back office and compliance support serving 36,000 employers, representing 5 million employees and their families. UBA places $16.5 billion in insurance annually with yearly revenues exceeding $400 million.

Rob sits on the boards of numerous insurance councils and human resource associations, and is a featured speaker at leading industry events. He is often quoted in the news and serves as a regular contributor to Employee Benefit Advisor's private exchange news outlet,

Linda Rowings, JD
Chief Compliance Officer

Linda is responsible for providing assistance to member firms and their clients on a variety of compliance issues that affect fully insured and self-funded plans, including, but not limited to, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Linda holds the Fellow, Life Management Institute designation.

UBA has Experts Available on the most relevant topics, including:

  • Health Care Reform
  • Insurance Exchanges
  • Retirement
  • Wellness plans
  • Self- funding
  • Changing role of brokers

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Employers Are Delaying Health Plan Renewals

In 2014, 32% of employers are delaying their health plan renewal date to December 2014 to avoid rate increases, according to a survey by United Benefit Advisors (UBA). NIntety-four percent of the employers that are delaying the renewal date are small businesses in the under 100-employee market.

Friday, October 31, 2014/Number of views (54)/
Categories: California Broker

Advisers brace for ACA-induced Dec.1 renewal ripple effect

While the benefits industry has seen a whirlwind of change since the rollout of health care reform began, the full impact of the Affordable Care Act has yet to be felt and advisers are still bracing for its aftermath.

Friday, October 31, 2014/Number of views (46)/

Surge in Employees’ Share of Health Costs

Employees paid more out-of-pocket costs, saw family benefits reduced

While U.S. employers have seen modest health plan cost increases in recent years—average annual cost per employee was $9,302 in 2013 versus $9,504 in 2014—employers continue to shift more of the financial burden to employees through out-of-pocket cost increases and reductions in family benefits, according to the 2014 UBA Health Plan Survey.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014/Number of views (82)/
Categories: SHRM

Small Employers May Face High Health Care Renewal Rates

Employer health care costs remained stable for 2014, but the number of employers delaying renewal to delay the effects of health care reform increased 322%.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014/Number of views (51)/
Categories: Plansponsor

Small employers postponing PPACA compliance

A “staggering” number of small businesses are postponing compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act through such responses as pushing back health plan renewals dates to Dec. 1.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014/Number of views (51)/
Categories: Benefits Pro

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