Friday, December 19, 2014

The Employer's Guide to "Play or Pay"

Time to Carefully Validate Your Play or Pay Decision

With every day that goes by, the nation’s employers move a step closer to having to make “Play or Pay” decisions. Many employers have less than a year to prepare for the arrival of this core provision of PPACA. The decisions are far from easy...and the clock is ticking. United Benefit Advisors is offering The Employer's Guide to "Play or Pay", a comprehensive white paper that offers:

  • The Facts about Paying the Penalties
  • Other Issues Affecting "Pay" Decisions
  • Using Location, Compensation, Subsidies, Medicaid, Family Size, and Income to Make Pay or Play Decisions

Don't delay your Play or Pay decision. Download The Employer's Guide to "Play or Pay" and move beyond health care compliance to strategic cost control.

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