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More complex compliance regulations and rapidly shifting benefits programs pose
an increasing challenge to employers.

UBA Partners are committed to delivering knowledge that will help simplify those complicated choices and improve the effectiveness and success of your programs. In order to provide educational opportunities for a broad audience of human resource and benefits professionals, we have designed two webinar tracks.

Focused on HR-related tasks that requires up-to-date knowledge of compliance and labor laws to help employers mitigate risk. The webinar is 60 minutes and is an exceptional educational value for only $200.

What Employers Need to Know About HIPAA and HITECH

Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 2:00 p.m. ET

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), its administrative simplification regulations, and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) provide administrative, privacy, and security standards for health plans and their business associates.


HR Certification Institute - Pre-apporved This webinar has been submitted for 1 re-certification credit hour from the Human Resource Certification Institute.

Focused on "non-compliance" HR and general benefits related issues such as FMLA, workplace productivity, disability, personal and financial wellness. Each webinar is typically 60 minutes and is an exceptional value for only $50. Complimentary registration is available exclusively through UBA Partner Firms.

Benefits Balancing Act: The Age of Benefits Administration Technology

Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

Based on research from Guardian's 4th annual Workplace Benefits Study provides insight into the challenges employers face in trying to balance both short-term and long-term benefits demands.

Registration and Description

HR Certification Institute - Pre-apporved This webinar has been submitted for 1.25 re-certification credit hours from the Human Resource Certification Institute.

What People Are Saying


  • I'm a CPA to which the HR Manager reports. As an officer of our company the 'buck stops here' and it is helpful to know what is happening in this changing environment

  • As an employee of a small business, I liked that company size was referred to often, that is, whether specific requirements under ACA applied to small/large companies or not

  • This group had a vast amount of information in their presentation that I have not heard of in other presentations by other presenters...This information is too crucial to miss. Thank You!

  • All of my current questions regarding ACA, ACA, PCORI, were answered during this very informative and timely webinar! Covering the new ACA changes was important to me as a point of clarifying what I've been hearing the past few days and the ACA information was presented clearly and precisely and much easier to understand than many of the information received by other sources via email. Thanks much UBA for another great webinar!

Webinar Archives

To view the presentation from a past webinar, select the webinar from the list below, and use the Presentation button on that page to download. You can also request the full audiovisual presentation from your nearest UBA Partner Firm.

2017 Webinar Presentations

March 14 What Employers Need to Know About Cafeteria Plan Nondiscrimination Rules
Feb 14 What Employers Need to Know about the Medicare Secondary Payer Rules and the CMS Data Match Program
Jan 10 When Employers Offer Health Benefits to Non-Employees

2016 Webinar Presentations

Dec 13 Lather, Rinse, Repeat: IRS Reporting in 2017
Dec 6 The Right Stop Loss Solution = Savings & Security
Nov 29 Special Bonus Election Webinar: 2016 Election Results and the Impact on Health and Welfare Benefit Plans
Nov 15 Getting The Most Out Of Your EAP? Things To Consider.
Nov 1 Plan Documents: ERISA, Section 125, SPDs, and Wraps, Oh My!
Oct 19 Success in Voluntary through Strategic Benefits Communication
Oct 11 The Government is Knocking: DOL Audits of Health & Welfare Plans
Sept 27 How Telehealth and Technology are Changing the Landscape of Employee Benefits
Sept 13 The ACA’s Newest Nondiscrimination Rules and How they Apply to Group Health Plans
Aug 25 Closing The Coverage Gap
Aug 9 The EEOC’s New Wellness Regulations: Another Layer of Confusion
July 28 Rethinking Employee Benefits - New Solutions For Today’s Challenges
July 12 What Employers Need to Know About the Fair Labor Standards Act New Overtime Exemption Rule
June 23 Introduction to ADA and ADA Outsourcing
June 14 The ACA: A Never-Ending Story
May 12 What’s New and Alarming in Absence Management: Current and Challenging Issues in FMLA and ADA
May 10 Special Delivery: Providing Participant Materials for Group Health Plans
April 14 Managing Compliance in 2016: FMLA Evolution, ADAAA Compliance, and Legislative Trends
April 12 Dollars & Sense: Health Plan Affordability for Applicable Large Employers
March 22 Top 10 401K Plan Mistakes and Advisor Opportunities
March 8 Plan Documents 101: Who Needs What and Best Practices
Feb 9 Controlled Groups & Affiliated Service Groups: What Employers Need to Know
Jan 19 The Family and Medical Leave Act: Legal Considerations for Employers
Jan 12 FMLA and ADA in 2016: An Employer's Basic Guide to Leave Management

2015 Webinar Presentations

Dec 8 IRS Play or Pay Reporting: The Final Countdown
Nov 10 The $36,000 Question: An In-Depth Review of the ACA’s $100 a Day Penalty
Oct 13 Common Knowledge: Determining Who Is A Common Law Employee and Counting Them Under the Affordable Care Act
Sept 8 In the Deep End: IRS Play or Pay Reporting for Difficult Employee Groups
Aug 11 Just Married! What Employers Need to Know About the Obergefell Ruling & Same Sex Marriage
July 14 At Your Service! The Service Contract Act and Employers
June 18 Credit, Commodities, and Consumers: An Economic Update
June 9 Penalties, Taxes, and Fines, Oh My!
May 5 1-2-3, Let’s Count Employees!
Apr 14 Privacy Issues for Employers and Health Plan Sponsors
Mar 10 ACA Employer Reporting Requirments
Mar 5 Getting the Most out of Your Vision Benefit
Feb 10 Legal Requirements of Voluntary Insurance Programs
Jan 15 Should Benefit Communication go Mobile? 3 Reasons the Answer is YES!
Jan 13 Washington Outlook

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