Employee Resource Center

The Internet is overflowing with websites touting health, wellness and financial advice and information. How can you and your employees know if the information is credible and will provide accurate information that leads to the right decisions?



The Benefits of the Employee Resource Center

UBA’s Employee Resource Center is a collection of carefully selected and verified websites that provide accurate and up-to-date information that can help your employees and their families make better lifestyle and financial decisions.

Health Resources

Features links on fitness and nutrition, senior health, children’s health, prescription drugs, health calculators, disease risk assessment, and information from the National Library of Medicine – the world’s largest medical library. These links can help employees and their families lead healthier and more productive lives.

Financial Resources

Provides articles about budgeting and saving, college planning, taxes, credit and debt, retirement planning, insurance, investing and more. These links can help employees strengthen their financial standing, and help them prepare for retirement.

Other Resources

Offers tips about local volunteer opportunities, motor vehicle safety, weather warnings, and more.